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We are a diverse team of innovators, artists, and engineers using state-of-the-art colour sensor technology paired with artificial intelligence to build tech which can provide the most accurate cosmetic foundation matches
with any smartphone camera.


Finding the right
 foundation is not easy.


"The typical [consumer] would buy seven foundations before [they] found the right shade, and when [they] found that shade, [they] would use it forever."

- Bridget Dolan, VP of Interactive Medial at Sephora,
2014 Forbes Article


"94% of [Consumers] around the world are still wearing the wrong foundation."

  -Jill Scalamandre, President of Shiseido's Global Make-up Center of Excellence, 2017 CTV News Article


Our Solution:

instant & accurate foundation matches via any smart phone camera to enhance the online cosmetic shopping experience

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1. use a smartphone camera to instantly analyze any skin tone

A smart phone camera acts as a colour sensor to build a map of colours on the face and neck, then it averages the data for accurate foundation product recommendation(s) every time.

2. Narrow down foundations based on preferences  

Once the closest foundation colour-match is provided within an e-commerce store, the consumer can consider price, size, ingredients,  concentration, and reviews.

3. check out online with confidence
every time

With our tech, cosmetic customer satisfaction will rise while also cutting back on pesky returns. Today online cosmetic sales sit at a slowly growing 8% of overall sales - but we're aiming to fix that.



See into the future. 


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